YES: Buffy is gay by rachels
March 6, 2008, 9:55 am
Filed under: Books, TV

The TV series lives on in comic book form, and in the next issue (out this week) the world’s cutest vampire slayer sleeps with girls!

Yay or nay?


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I guess it’s never too late, but shouldn’t Buffy have gotten her lesbian experimentation phase out of the way during her freshman year at UCSD? I guess Willow already had that character arc on lock, though. Still, Buffy getting with cute coeds would’ve been a hell of a lot better than all that time in season four she wasted on boring-ass Riley. I don’t think Buffy’s “gay to stay,” but rather than this being a cheap publicity stunt I think it will advance the plot and characters in a completely unexpected yet logical direction. Is anybody else gonna geek out with me about this?

Comment by Jason

Hahahaha!!!! cant wait to read that XDD
For a sec I though it was Sarah Michelle Gellar who crossed the line XD

Comment by Andy

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