Yes: Sarah Jessica Parker Unsexiest No: Incessant Whining by mnjones
March 24, 2008, 12:09 pm
Filed under: Celebs

So, I think everyone knows by now that SJP was voted Maxim’s Unsexiest Woman of 2007.

But Mrs. SJP Broderick is still voicing her displeasure with the title 5 months later. She is not only defending herself, but speaking out about the effect on her husband whose “judgment” is being criticized. While I certainly understand that such a title would be upsetting (I’m a sensitive soul), I cannot help but agree with the opinion that the public outcry is well timed with the SaTC movie release…

If it was soooo traumatic why was no one talking about the title back in October when the list came out? There’s no such thing as ugly publicity.


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That’s mean that you posted a picture of an unconvincing tranny instead of the real SJP.

Comment by thatjasonguy

Over the weekend Zach and I saw a trailer for the SATC movie and I’m not sure who got more excited. Later Zach made a point of letting me know that he had gotten into SATC wayyy before me and was the bigger fan. Just felt like sharing this info with the Internet.

Comment by rachels

Sadly, that was NOT the ugliest picture of SJP to be had; I was trying to be fair.
You should see the movie with me instead of Zach. He’ll probably spend the whole movie whispering, “I’m definitely the most like Charlotte.”

Comment by mnjones

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