No: Capital Fringe by mnjones
March 26, 2008, 12:15 am
Filed under: Theatre

Okay, I’m a Fringe snob; and even if I weren’t it would take an awful lot to convince me that this is a city that can host a true Fringe festival. Besides which, the Capital Fringe exists on the “fringe” of nothing. “Look at me, I want to be in charge of something. I’m going to start a performance festival in a city that can barely support its established theatres!” Anyway, if you would like information on the third annual Fringe impostor please visit their website. Only one catch – there’s no information on what’s coming up this summer just a lot of begging for funding. Call me crazy, but DC culture might be better served by financial support for those organizations that serve the community more than two weeks out of a year.


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Comment by yesornodc

[…] bustling from the Smithsonian over to Studio Theatre. And before you go there, let’s not revisit the concept of DC’s “Fringe” […]

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