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April 1, 2008, 12:53 pm
Filed under: Tech, TV is an online, on-demand service offering streaming video from the strange marriage of Fox and NBC (and cable affiliates). The venture was announced about a year ago and launched for the public in March 2008. Read on to follow the rise and fall of my user experience with the site in the span of two days:

Day 1: I decide to join the “lunchtime as the new primetime” crowd and catch up on some missed 30 Rock episodes in the office. I find to be extremely eye-pleasing and easy to use. I can scroll through select television shows and movies (the movie list reminds me of the inexplicably random choices on Comcast On-Demand, but I suppose they are somehow connected to NBC and/or Fox) in alphabetical order or by user-popularity. Wow, Family Guy clips sure are popular! I watch the 30 Rock episode where Tina Fey dates a guy seventeen years younger than her-and it is great! There are only two brief commercials and I think they are great, too. I think I am just happy to be watching TV at work.

Day 2: I eagerly anticipate another lunch in my office glued to the screen. I pull up Hulu and start looking around for something new to watch. I get excited when I see that they have Project Runway, then realize that there are only 2 minute clips, not full episodes. Desperate, I contemplate watching an episode of American Dad or Prison Break…I end up clicking back for more 30 Rock and am weirded out by the fact that full episodes are no longer available-they just had all of Season 2 up yesterday! I grow angry and find myself needlessly clicking on a highly rated 6-minute clip from Saturday Night Live, I don’t even remember what it was supposed to be of. That’s right, this clip never loads. I give up on for today and go out to the coffee shop to read a book. Take that, Internet TV.

Conclusion: I have high hopes for Hulu, soo much better than the players at or And I do feel good that it’s legal, but not good enough to stop using bit torrent. I won’t be relying on Hulu for regular programming just yet.


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Wow, so quick to judge! EW’s Ken Tucker gave Hulu five days, but then again, by the end he had resorted to watching dreck like Kojak and The Rockford Files. I agree the Hulu player itself is lean and mean, but like the video game wars have shown us, a killer app is nothing without a library of titles to support it.,,20185532,00.html

Comment by thatjasonguy

I agree! That was a great episode on 30 Rock. When are they returning with new episodes? (for those that still watch TV)

Comment by kscheer

april 10

Comment by rachels

Rachel = google.

Comment by thatjasonguy

[…] not using and you’re still hanging out with a normal TV, you might want to read the memo and get with the program. I can’t hang out waiting for The Office or Battlestar to come on TV […]

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