Yes: Brit Pop by btfaust
April 1, 2008, 4:02 pm
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This is not related to anything going on right now except maybe if you were planning to buy that Brit Box. If you wanted to get schooled in the trajectory of Rock ‘N’ Roll in Britain through the ’80s and ’90s you might as well save your money and just watch this consistently hilarious and yet astute Noel Gallagher interview.


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Aha, so the Brit Box is the one who stole all the mixtapes I made in high school! This is the most thoughtful I’ve ever seen Noel, as these days he’s usually doing a variation of his crotchety old Mancy bloke shtick. He seems downright intellectual, though I suspect if he heard anyone saying the Smiths weren’t all that he’d give ’em a proper striping. “Fookin’ ell! Clear off or get pasted!”

Comment by thatjasonguy

Yeah, it’s as if something changed in him when the interviewer brought up The Smiths. Perhaps this approach would have helped post-Morning Glory. Someone should have pushed that on him instead of loads of drugs…

Comment by btfaust

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