No: Katie Lee Joel on Howard Stern by mnjones
April 2, 2008, 11:22 am
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So, I’ve never really been a fan of Mr. Joel’s third wife. Mostly because I had a huge crush on BJ as a fourth grader (and fifth grader, possibly sixth, maybe seventh…definitely over by eighth grade…I think), and my parents told me I was faaarr too young for Billy. Low and behold, the Piano Man goes off and marries someone who was a seventh grader when my crush originated…

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago my mom told me that one of her students had asked if she could do her speaking assignment about an interesting person on her cousin, Katie. She went on to elaborate that her cousin is Katie Lee Joel, which makes sense as KJL is from West VA. At the time, I made fun of this student and asked if there was anything interesting about Mrs. Piano Man other than her marriage to my would have been bf. At the time, neither of us could think of anything.

Today Katie Lee went on the Howard Stern show and discussed babies and masturbation. Now that’s something I would have loved her 16 year old cousin to pontificate about. Classy!

Listen to the broadcast here.


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Thoughts about this post:

I actually thought that was his daughter in the pic and not his future ex-wife.

Speaking of moms, mine saw Billy Joel in concert not too long ago and said he still kills it.

The thing I like about satellite radio is how far off my cultural radar it keeps Howard Stern.

Comment by thatjasonguy

1. Alexa Ray looks like Billy Joel
2. I saw Billy Joel in concert two years ago, and yes it was awesome.
3. Satellite Radio = pretentious

Comment by mnjones

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