NO: Galaxy Hut Goes Cash Only by yesornodc
April 4, 2008, 10:00 am
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From the Arlington bar’s MySpace:

Heads up!
Galaxy Hut is going cash-only in early april

We will have an ATM inside, but the ATM guy charges $1.75 per transaction on top of what your bank will charge you (usually around 2-3 bucks). So you’ll probably want to bring your own cash to save money…
Sorry for this inconvenience… but it will save me thousands per year in bullshit credit card fees!!!”

An already small, overcrowded bar with a zillion people in line to get a beer from one bartender becomes even harder to handle. Will you brave long lines and ATM surcharges or find someplace new?


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ATM surcharges? There’s a dozen banks within a few blocks of the Galaxy Hut, so unless you belong to some obscure credit union you can probably find yours right down the street. Alternately, you can get some cash with your debit card at Whole Foods or CVS on your way in. I have almost always paid in plastic at the Galaxy Hut, but I see this as a minor inconvenience at best. As Lary pointed out to me last night, being a cash only bar hasn’t hurt the Black Cat too much. If anything, I’m hopeful that some people will see this as an egregious outrage and find somewhere else to get their drink on, as the Hut has been flooded with amateurs since Dremo’s shuttered back in January. If I wanted to hang out with the sophomore law class of GW, I would have enrolled.

Comment by thatjasonguy

While at first I find myself enraged by this change, I think it will be for the best. The lines will move quicker, aforementioned dickwads will make their exodus to Mister Day’s or some other godforsaken land, and maybe Lary’s savings will be passed down to his loyal cash-carrying fans.

Comment by T.Really

Wow, spicy! But don’t cash transactions usually take longer than credit card?

Comment by rachels

It always seems to me that credit card transactions are more complicated and time consuming – but I could just be making that up..

Comment by T.Really

Of course, if I was all about the speed of intoxication I’d stay home and do shots of Patron! I like the vibe of the Hut, the people I meet, and seeing live music in an insanely intimate setting. I had already been curtailing my visits somewhat based on the aforementioned dickwads, but maybe we’ll lose a few of them now and I can pay cash for my beer in peace.

Comment by thatjasonguy

This new plan has already been abandoned.

Comment by evelyn waugh

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