No: Marriage Works by mnjones
April 5, 2008, 10:18 am
Filed under: Misc., Politics

I was really unhappy to see giant posters yesterday on U Street stating, “Married People Make More Money – Marriage Works”. I was even MORE unhappy to see the same posters later in the day down by Metro Center.

So offensive on multiple levels. It doesn’t held that the “models” used in said campaigns did anything but make marriage look attractive…A perusal of their website not only includes dirty stats, inaccurate information, and outdated sources, it also implicates organizations which cannot possibly support their mission (hello Child Trends employees, does your organization find my lifestyle unacceptable?).

You know what? I was thinking about getting married, but now I think I’ll continue living in sin – just to piss you off.


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“The MTA takes no official position on the ads, though spokesperson Tom Kelly cracks, ‘That campaign must’ve been invented by someone who’s not married.'”

from NYMag

Comment by rachels

Previous rejected slogans from their marketing meeting: “Your Baby Daddy– How Bad Could He Be?” and “Baby Drama Mama, She Try To Fight Me, She Had Fish Frys Cook-Outs For That Chile’s Birthday, She Ain’t Invite Me!”

Comment by evelyn waugh

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