YES: Newseum Grand Opening by rachels
April 7, 2008, 10:32 am
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Remember the Newseum-that museum with a bunch of historic newspaper front pages that used to be in Rosslyn? It’s okay if you don’t, let’s face it, Rosslyn isn’t a good location for much, and the museum closed its doors in 2002 after 5 brief years. 6 years and $450 million dollars in renovations later, the Newseum is reinstated in its capitol location on Pennsylvania & 6th St, NW. The Newseum reopens as an architectural icon, a commemoration to the First Ammendment, Free Speech, and international journalistic integrity and host to fine museum cafeteria cuisine-The Source, by Wolfgang Puck. All of this can be yours, for a price-admission is $20 for adults. However, the grand opening this Friday, April 11 is free!


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I disagree that this is an “architectural icon.” Even the Post agrees:

Comment by btfaust

Well, while I would hardly count a piece by a staff writer for the Washington Post as valid architectural criticism (Philip Kennicott, you are no Paul Goldberger), I agree it’s basically just another big ugly monolith on the Mall. DC needs to take some architectural risks, and no that is not an endorsement of Frank Gehry.

Comment by thatjasonguy

One of the lead architects for the Newseum was James Polshek, who designed the Rose Center for Earth & Space in NY. I guess that works better, but I still think the Newseum is icon enough for Pennsylvania Ave.

Comment by rachels

The Rose Center is great. I don’t know what happened here, though. That garish First Amendment plastered out front? Also, the view in this picture reminds me of a new high school (W-L), library, D.C. office building…

Comment by btfaust

“There’s also a ‘4-D’ movie theater celebrating courageous journalists…”

Sigh…The fourth dimension is time. Come on, people.

Comment by rachels

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