April 10, 2008, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Sports

Gil, Desawhn, Antawn, Caron and the rest of those wonderful men who make up the Washington Wizards beat the Celtics at home yesterday 109-95. Tawn went nutz and dropped 27 on them including an emphatic dunk on KG. I’m sure it was nothing personal it’s just that it was a workhorse to workhorse sort of thing. Anyway, back the fug up.

It was also very encouraging to see Gil passing layups up for his boys as if to earn his way back in their favor throughout the game, including a dish to Caron for a dunk and a behind the back bounce pass to Andrae Blatche for an and one lay up. Unfortunately, Gil’s shoes were Mc Donalds themed.


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Only team to beat The Celts three times this season.

Comment by btfaust

nobody knows what to think about playing the wizards in the playoffs. also, thanks for picking up my slack, I’m stuck in Denver telling old people they should use internets to make their non-profits work better. I had to sneak off to catch glimpses of the game last night.

I must say I thought that pass to Dray was a little risky, but it worked out so I’m glad he did it.

Comment by T.Really

yea i think we all felt that way during that pass. if dre’d fucked it up everyone woulda been like man gil needs to chill the fuck out who he think he is. luckily i can just still be like yea i like him. he’s just so borderline sometimes.

Comment by zzvvhh

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