No: Dr. Phil by btfaust
April 15, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Have you ever really known how awful Dr. Phil is? I thought I did until I found that the L.A. Times has taken the effort to chart all of his major missteps.

There’s some real gold in there but here’s my personal favorite:

“In June of 2006, Dr. Phil’s production company purchased a house in the mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles and filled it with people suffering from drug addiction and other brutal maladies. He then filmed the house “Big Brother”-style for his TV show. Neighbors soon complained to authorities about disruptive after-hours filming and loud arguments between the unstable residents of the house. In September of that year, the Los Angeles City Council stepped in and revoked the production company’s permit to film at the house.”


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You know what would be even worse? A Dr. Phil magazine like O Magazine with a different picture of him on the cover every month doing things like in the kitchen or in the garden. What a creep.

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