YES: Four Days in Denver by Zach
April 15, 2008, 2:46 pm
Filed under: Film, TV

A West Wing Writer Imagines Four Days in Denver.


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Hey zikityzach, looks like your image got cropped funny and your link is broken.

Comment by Jason

Let it be known: I recently started watching the entire West Wing series again from Season 1.

Comment by rachels

When you’re watching the West Wing, do you ever get that feeling where you wish, even though you know it’s completely unrealistic and implausible, that your own day-to-day life was even one half as weighty and articulately worded as just one episode of that show? You know, like those one-take steadycam shots where Allison Janney or whoever is intently striding down a hall having a series of terse, twenty five cent word-laden conversations with a string of people who pop in and out of the frame like a relay race as they coordinate meetings, arrange for dry cleaning, and oh yeah, decide the fate of the free world. Not that I ever have…

Comment by thatjasonguy


Comment by rachels

Oh. Umm…neither have I! I was just asking. For a friend.

Comment by thatjasonguy

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