April 18, 2008, 2:40 pm
Filed under: Music

Health is neglected by many of us on a very regular basis. I wish the same could be said for this band who, to me, are the equivalent of many of today’s mainstream “emo” bands. I just watched their live set on and I got so annoyed I’m happy I didn’t have to see it in person.

To watch them flail around and emote over absolutely nothing, not even cool noise, outfitted by American Apparel in ironic slogan T’s (“DON’T GIVE A FUCK”), made me feel like I should make a YouTube video of them live with some “emo” or perhaps “screamo” playing over it. If anyone has the technology lemme know.

I can’t totally hate on them though, I used to beat on my drummer’s cymbals in high school too. Anyone out there used to play the extra floor tom?

Don’t eat everything that’s put on your plate people!


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LOL, Rogue Wave did the whole-band drum jam gimmick at their show on Wednesday.

Comment by thatjasonguy

On the plus side, the crystal castles remix of ‘crimewave’ is surprisingly good (and completely different).

Comment by jonatron

Comment by jonatron

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