YES: Steve Coogan YES: The Bard YES: Parody by Jason Powell
April 18, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Even though English comedian Steve Coogan created one of the most entertainingly painful to watch characters of all time, Alan Partridge, he’s somehow remained relatively unknown on this side of the pond. There was a brief theatrical run of Tristram Shandy, a dramatic turn in Happy Endings, and even a guest spot on America’s greatest contribution to the “comedy of embarrassment,” Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he still seems to be flying pretty low on the cultural radar of most yanks. That may possibly be set to change this fall, as Coogan takes his first American lead role in the upcoming Hamlet 2 (you had me at the title). Coogan plays a way down on his luck high school drama teacher who has a burst of creative genius and writes a far-fetched, un-PC sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet (those of you who attended high school will remember the original didn’t exactly leave a lot of unanswered questions). The film also features Catherine Keener and Amy Poehler, and you can check out the trailer here.

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can’t fucking wait

Comment by kyletm

I still need to get Saxondale on DVD (yes, I’m enough of a nerd that I own a region-free player), I’ve seen a few episodes and Coogan is a total chameleon throughout. Have you seen a series called Peep Show? It’s more awkward than Knowing Me, Knowing you and the original Office rolled into one. And yes, I realize that’s a bold statement.

Comment by Jason

No: Steve Coogan. Courtney Love says it’s his fault that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. That’s enough for me.

Comment by evelyn waugh

Oh right, Courtney Love– she’s that paragon of virtue who’s known so well for her cool levelheadedness, logical nature and non-reactionary soundbites in the media and is above all reproach right? Right?

Comment by thatjasonguy

It’s more like, if COURTNEY FREAKING LOVE says someone is a druggie and a bad influence, then uh, that’s pretty bad.

Comment by evelyn waugh

Nobody puts Coogan in a corner!

Comment by thatjasonguy

Coogan is an ass, Alfred Molina told me so:

Comment by evelyn waugh

Yeah, I’m with Jason on this one. —Oh and Jason, yes, I caught a couple of eps of “Peep Show” last year, but I gotta say I’m not completely sold on Mitchell and Webb, though the former was the only funny part of Confetti, which does a cycle-through on HBO Comedy every once in a while.

Comment by kyletm

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