NO: Dirty Shoes (#2) by rachels
April 22, 2008, 9:31 am
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RE: NO: Dirty Shoes (#1)

Here are some pictures of the Kurt Cobain Converse tribute shoes. I would never wear these, but some of the versions are not as bad as I thought they’d be. It’s sort of like your feet stopped growing in 4th grade and you kept your old shoes with all the doodles on them. Only your doodles got insanely famous. I circled my faves.


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I feel stupid and contagious for saying this, but it seems we are now living in a culture so bereft of motivation and creativity that apathetic teenagers can no longer be counted on to doodle on their own footwear while zoning out in math class or smoking dope under the bleachers. WTF?!? Come on, Converse: aside from raping the memory of the last great rock icon of the twentieth century (or did that already happen when Courtney sold off 25% of Nirvana’s catalog for some quick cash?), does it take a marketing genius like me to tell you that you’ve gotten this campaign all wrong? You should be promoting the classic, unadorned Cons as the ultimate blank canvas for youthful expression. (And yes, I would be equally upset if they had done a campaign where moshing Cons are singing “here we are now, decorate us!”)

Comment by thatjasonguy

[…] to choose a second winning design). At any rate, it’s a far better marketing move than what Converse pulled out of their ass recently. Hopefully this will be a good marketing move for Doc […]

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[…] know better, I might think someone at Converse read my little tirade in the comments section of this post and realized what a “marketing genius” I am. How else to explain their new contest, […]

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