YES: Art for the masses by rachels
April 30, 2008, 9:21 am
Filed under: Design, Food

And now for another in a series of posts in which I circle things I like in Photoshop.

This time it’s a collaboration between art-branding company ARTCO (led by Cary Leitzes) and Pepsi. Lietzes identified rising artists from some of Pepsi’s largest markets (USA, China, Puerto Rico, Korea, Brazil, India, UK, Russia & Mexico) to design new cans.

Although many disagree on the whole Coke vs. Pepsi taste debate (I myself prefer regular Coke or Diet Pepsi), I think we can all agree that Coca-Cola has always had the more iconic design. Will these new cans change that? Probably not, and they will most likely not be sold in the US, but at least we can look at pictures of them online.


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Ah! Finally a fellow Coke supporter who agrees that Diet Pepsi is ok.

Comment by btfaust

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