YES: Space Race by rachels
May 6, 2008, 8:48 am
Filed under: Politics

How do you really know when election coverage starts to really spread too thin? I thought maybe the low point was this week’s Newsweek cover which very visibly demonstrates the whole arugula versus beer debate. Normal.

But instead of getting angry I got excited, because this final stretch of the primary election is when all the best stories come out.

Reporters are grasping at anything they can get: any tiny, often ignored, niche constituency with some sort of opinion they can get their hands on–like Indiana. Ha! OK, all election humor aside I heard a fascinatingly long report on NPR last night about which candidate has the most pro-space policy. A lot of space entrepreneurs and disgruntled NASA employees are probably going to cast their vote for Clinton, she is the only one with an official “Space Adviser.”

According to Clinton’s campaign: “Hillary is committed to a space exploration program that involves robust human spaceflight to complete the Space Station and later human missions, expanded robotic spaceflight probes of our solar system leading to future human exploration, and enhanced space science activities.”

On the other hand, Obama plans to cut money from the space program to send cash over to education programs (lame) and McCain plans on staying the course set by the Bush administration (surprise, surprise).

So, now you know.


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