NO: Why are The Teenagers All In My Face? by rachels
May 7, 2008, 9:04 am
Filed under: Music

Sex sells and no one knows this better than magazines and Web sites. So, when a group of skinny boys from Paris comes along with some ironic glasses, some gold chains and lyrics like “I fucked her, it was wild/ She’s such a slut” they might as well have the words PAGE FILLER stamped on their foreheads. The truth is, The Teenagers are nothing more than a trio of tight pants wearing, attention grabbing, M83 wannabes and major media outlets should be smart enough not to give them page space. (I don’t count this Web site as major or smart)

Lyrics like “I fucked my American cunt” and “This fucking bitch deserves to die” are not “charmingly chauvinistic” (to quote one major American magazine), but outright insulting, if not dangerous to this magazine’s core readership of teenage girls. Of course the group’s music does not make up for the defamatory message.

Reality Check is one of the most boring albums I’ve listened to in a while. I couldn’t get through one song and I was riding the metro with nothing better to do. From what I did hear I was left feeling offended and unimpressed. The album name checks 1990s pop icons (Showgirls, Blink-182, Ben Affleck) through a series of he-said/she-said conversation-style vocals, on top of some M83 rip-off guitars & synth. Get your own culture, get your own sound, and stop ripping off everything for a laugh/fuck/$.

They’re playing Black Cat tonight if you want to go throw stuff at them.


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Maybe they wear big glasses cuz they cant see good
maybe it was wild and she was a slut
theyre deep

you capitalized web site.

Comment by teacup

i use AP style

Comment by rachels

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