NO: What do men think? by rachels
May 13, 2008, 11:09 am
Filed under: Media

I like this article on what male viewers thought of Sex and the City. In the article, “So did it teach us anything along the way,” a few different male media types give their opinion on the series. One author laments that the show commodifies the women’s youth and beauty, another muses on the lack of racial diversity in SATC‘s NYC, and a third states:

“It was never Samantha. We weren’t put off by her predatory sexual instincts. That was fine. We liked that. The problem was that she, alone among the quartet, was just a little too lightly drawn. What would you talk to Samantha about afterwards? Charlotte, of course, had the uptight quasi-virgin thing going on; a believable enough theme, but it looked a little bit too much like hard work.

That left Carrie, who was kooky and funny, and Miranda, who was whip-smart and smouldering. Obviously, in my case, it was always Miranda. I just have a thing for the brainy girls. Unless it was Carrie. Or Charlotte. Or, when I was a bottle to the bad, Samantha. Though it might have been Carrie. Then again, Charlotte…”



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it was always samantha

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