YES: Good Shows and Random Movies At Your Own Convenience NO: TV by zzvvhh
May 13, 2008, 8:25 am
Filed under: TV

Sunday night TV is back! And you can program your own schedule!

For instance: I just watched The Slums of Beverly Hills. Can I just say that that movie rules? It also reminded me how crazy it must be to be a girl. Or am I just tripping?

Anyway just writing this to say if you’re not using and you’re still hanging out with a normal TV, you might want to read the memo and get with the program. I can’t hang out waiting for The Office or Battlestar to come on TV when I should be wasting $ at the bar.


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there are a few things about this post that do not make sense. see if you can find them!

Comment by rachels

Dammit, Rachel, at least he’s posting! What that boy needs right now is positive reinforcement. “That was a good post, Zach.”

Comment by thatjasonguy

zach has had it rough lately

Comment by rachels

i don’t see what doesn’t make sense. stop using my government name you ho’s!

Comment by shut up

I should also point out that Natasha Lyonne was incredibly hot before she got hooked on meth and threatened to molest her neighbor’s dog. You know your life is headed in a bad direction when Rufus Wainwright pens a song begging you to get some help. On the bright side, a quick glance at IMDB makes it seem like she’s coming back strong. Could we have a female version of Robert Downey Jr on our hands?

Comment by thatjasonguy

This reminds me of the time some girl was playing a show at Galaxy Hut and Jason made a totally spot-on Natasha Lyonne comparison and I was like damn, this dude is almost as good as a gay guy with his pop culture references, cheeky humor, and stylish watch. Hell yeah!

Comment by evelynwaugh

(But srsly thatjasonguy, Courtney Love is the vagina-having version of Rbtdwnyjr, duh) Natash is too young and not enough of a hot mess.

Comment by evelynwaugh

Courtney is indeed a scalding hot mess, but you can’t convince me that she is a) terribly talented, or b) terribly sober. Her biggest claim to fame these days is stumbling around London rambling like a homeless dude and (rumored to be) having it off with current Britcom wünderkind Noel Fielding. (Oh yeah, you can probably tell I’m one of those people who believes Kurt wrote Live Through this and Billy Corgan wrote Celebrity Skin.)

Comment by thatjasonguy

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