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May 16, 2008, 11:08 am
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So my dad’s been working on this book about his obsession with soccer for the past three or four years now, and he just recently self-published it through iUniverse. This week it popped up on B&N and Amazon, as well a couple of UK booksellers’ sites (e.g. Waterstone’s), so I thought I’d give it a brief shout out here. It’s pretty hefty in price tag and size ($29.95, 480 pages) but check out the jacket description after the jump:

“Fitba (football, soccer) is truly the world’s game. It evokes the deepest emotions in the millions who play and watch it in almost every corner and culture around our globe.

So where does this passion come from? Some of it is certainly inherent in genes, especially in respect of playing ability. However millions who have never played at any serious level are amongst the most fanatical of all.

Like most addictions it is something formed by steady consumption over a prolonged period. Alcohol, nicotine and cocaine have much more obvious routes to our bloodstream but I firmly believe that soccer can get there too. It can ultimately provide such an overwhelming sensation of joy that the brain craves repetition of that euphoria, even if it may have to wait thirty years or more between very brief highs.

Here’s a true life story which provides a detailed insight into the environment and twists of fate which contrive to addict one Scottish boy and sustain that addiction even when he moves to America.

They have soccer in America? Oh yeah, more than you can imagine.”


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Yes!!!!! This is exciting!

Comment by yesornodc

i want this. i’ve already read a book like this but i couldn’t just go hang with the author if i wanna.

Comment by zvh

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