NO: There Can Be Only One by Jason Powell
May 21, 2008, 2:54 am
Filed under: Film

OK, a quick glance around the multiplex and the internets makes it pretty obvious we’re living in a time of creative bankruptcy when studio heads can think of nothing better to pump into theaters than reboots of 80s film franchises, from the great (Batman Begins), to the promising (Jason Segel’s upcoming take on the Muppets), from the meh (Casino Royale) to the utter bastardization (Michael Bay’s guaranteed-to-suck Friday the 13th). But now comes news of possibly the worst idea of them all. Production company Summit Entertainment has secured the remake rights to what many (your humble blogger included) consider the Holy Grail of crappy 80s movies: 1986’s Highlander. How could anyone even dare to mess with this wining formula? “Actor” Christopher Lambert stars as Connor MacLeod, an undying Scotsman who roams the centuries decapitating his fellow Immortals in a quest for “The Prize” (which is never defined but is apparently totally awesome), aided by his Immortal Spanish mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (played by Sean Connery, who can’t be bothered to attempt the correct accent). Much cheesiness and swordfighting ensues. Oh, and did I mention Queen composed the soundtrack specifically for the film? Yeah, anyone who even attempts a remake of this gem is pretty much guaranteed an instafail.

[via Beyond Hollywood]


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Hey, beats shrek.

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