DC – Drama City: A Small Addiction by mnjones
May 29, 2008, 10:23 am
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I have a really embarrassing addiction. It started two years ago, but it’s only now that I’m able to admit that I’m no longer in control. It started innocently enough; at first it was a general, disinterested perusal, but it has progressed to a full blown preoccupation. I was of discerning taste, and had little interest in the lives of sports players, reality TV stars, or tween queens. I came onto the celebrity gossip scene at the height of baby hype. By the end of the summer of ’06 I was convinced that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had adopted a baby and hidden the child away until they could alter him/her to look it/her. Then the baby pictures came out and I happened upon a little gem entitled The Celebrity Baby Blog.

The title seems innocent enough, but this isn’t a blog about child stars; it’s dedicated to the documentation of the activities of celebrity offspring. Here you’ll find the big hitters – Suri, Shiloh, Kingston, but you’ll also find the Wilkerson brothers and other lesser known babies eager to make it big on the blog circuit. But here’s my dilemma – what if these babies aren’t too pleased with these invasions of privacy? I mean, no one was following me around waiting to see if I was going to spill juicy juice on myself as a toddler. Am I just a creep who encourages the paparazzi to prey on the weakest and cutest members of celebrity entourages? These kids aren’t making movies and attending red carpet events, they’re just being born and chillin’ in the park. (Really, you have no idea how many of these pictures are taken in the park, and isn’t it perverts who run around ogling children in the sandbox?)

Everyone seems to conveniently forget how the majority of these pictures are obtained. There’s the occasional photo shoot and multi-million dollar compensation for the needy celebrity parents, but for the most part these images are uninvited invasions of family privacy, and it doesn’t matter if the ladies running the site all have children, there’s just something creepy about children being stalked around the globe.

Why do I even care about these kids? They’re not related to me and some of them aren’t that cute. I’ve always liked kids, and it’s pretty funny to see celebrities reduced to baby sling wearing and stroller pushing. Besides, I enjoy judging celebrities who seem to be overly dependent on their nannies (I’m looking at you, Cox-Arquette family). What concerns me is that CBB is probably my favorite blog of those I visit daily (aside from YESORNODC) and most everyone crawling around the site seems to be a mom. Should I just have a kid and make my blog addiction acceptable, or is it any less creepy to have children and stare at pictures of strangers’ children?

Celebrity children are well dressed, and cause the rich and famous hassles that their fame and fortune cannot cure. They’re well packaged comeuppance, and I want to remember their cute little faces when they’re all getting marched off to rehab and making poor life decisions. Forgive me for wanting to see the best in our future generations. I know I should stop, but I just don’t have the strength to fight the lure of celebrity baby culture at the height of baby season. Just a few more months, and I swear I’ll stop once Angelina and Gwen have their babies…Really, I just need a few more hits.


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But Angelina will never stop having babies, and thus your addiction will never end.

Comment by rachels

I’m obsessed with Shiloh. I saw new pictures of her online the other day (“Shiloh Turns 2!”) and I literally coo’ed out loud, “Ohhh, wook at da BAY-bee!” alone, in the silence of my living room. I never talk in baby talk! I was shocked. It creeps me out the effect that otherworldly-cute kid has on me.

Comment by juliethehut

I didn’t mean to make that winky smiley face, that’s just supposed to be a straight up semi colon & close parentheses.

Comment by juliethehut

[…] Sarah, Staff Editor wrote an interesting post today on DC – Drama City: A Small Addiction…Here’s a quick excerpt:Then the baby cinemas came out and I happened ahead a little gem permitted The Icon Baby Blog. The deed seems toddlerlike enough, but this isn’ta blog about child stars; it’s devoted to the documentation of the activities of … […]

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