May 30, 2008, 11:04 am
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So Sex and the City opens today. Ya heard? In honor of the occasion, and because I always thought SJP looked best behind the glow of her Mac, I thought I’d eschew gabbing about Big or Choo, Cosmos or cocks, and Jules or Mimi in favor of revisiting some moments of Carrie at her most writerly. Herewith, sex and the literary:

Episode 27: “Shortcomings”

Carrie dates novelist Vaughn Wysel, but feels truly wedded to his family: his filmmaker mom Wallis (Rhoda!), his professor dad Duncan, and his sisters Franny and Zooey (yep). It’s weird to see Carrie so taken with the bourgeoisie intelligentsia , but maybe that’s why her relationship with Vaughn et al lasts about as long as the quick draw (ahem) writer himself. Vaughn’s lox-induced tantrum is strangely prescient of another, later writer’s disposition towards Carrie, though…

Episode 32: “Politically Erect”

Carrie rarely leans on the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword, except in this episode, when she ousts politician Bill Kelley’s penchant for showers of the amber variety, delivering one of the tastiest/most tasteless puns of the entire series: “To Pee or Not to Pee?”

Episode 56: “My Motherboard, My Self”

This ep finds Carrie dealing with every writer’s worst nightmare: a truly blank page. After her computer crashes, Aidan buys Carrie a shiny new iMac + zip drive, which she promptly rejects, opting to repair the busted laptop’s motherboard instead. A harbinger of things to come?

Episode 68: “Original Sin”

Also known as The One Where Carrie Gets A Book Deal, also known as the driving force behind most of Miss Bradshaw’s plot line throughout the plodding fifth season. Notable, at least, for the introduction of Carrie’s publishers, played by the briefly-relevant-again Molly Shannon and the incomparable Amy Sedaris.

Episode 70: “Cover Girl”

One of maybe five scenes in the entire series in which we see Carrie and Co. in a bookstore. Samantha leafs through fashion mags, Charlotte scouts out self-help books (obvi), and Carrie herself ponders the cover of her upcoming collection. As if the show needed another excuse for our heroine to play dress-up.

Episode 72: “Critical Condition”

The spiritual twin to “Cover Girl” finds CB fretting over what’s inside of her book rather than what’s outside– even a glowing review from Michiko Kakutani (yeah, right) can’t assuage Carrie’s anxiety after the NY Times stalwart calls Miss Bradshaw’s men “disposable.” I’d like to go ahead and echo Miranda’s two cents in this ep: “Fuck Michiko Kakutani.”

Episode 73: “The Big Journey”

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the proverbial hara kiri of Carrie’s collection becomes readily apparent when a randy Miss Bradshaw can’t get any from Big, who’s too hung up on the paper trail of his misdeeds to commit yet another crime of passion. A nice, self-reflexive episode, and one that reminds us that while Carrie’s no Woolf (remember all those dismissive glances from Petrovsky’s art world friends?), she’s no Mr. Winkle, either.

Episode 78: “Pick-a-Little, Talk-A-Little”

Carrie loves Berger’s Hurricane Pandora… with one small caveat. And thus begins the great scrunchy debate of this ep, which finds Carrie The Writer going up against Berger The Writer for the first time, and guess who wins? And remember how funny it is?

Episode 79: “Lights, Camera, Relationship”

Round two of Bradshaw Vs. Berger, when a newly-jobless Courtney (Sedaris) deals the KO: Berger’s second novel has been dropped by the publisher. Makes Carrie’s France advance seem a little in your face, non?

And finally:

Episode 94: “An American Girl In Paris: Part Deux”

Carrie’s book is big in France, but Big’s not in France (yet)– Bradshaw’s still beholden to Petrovsky, whom she ditches her Parisian fan contingent for, only emphasizing the fact that by getting lost in Paris, she’s actually lost herself. Does she pick the pen back up in NY? I guess we’ll see…


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Just to add on, I always liked that episode where she has to write a poem for someone’s wedding, and Big leaves during her reading to answer his cell phone.

Speaking of poetry…

Well, I won’t ruin the movie for anyone.

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Comment by jonas sulk


you are boring.

Comment by yesornodc

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