June 3, 2008, 4:42 pm
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Kanye West often throws around the term “genius” in reference to himself but that’s bullshit. I know a genius when I see/hear one. Genius can be equated to the old addage: walk softly but carry a broad sword through Shaolin. N’ah mean? I’m talking about the “18th letter followed by the mark of Zorro plus A but not for apple”? RZA. Wu Tang. Genius.

RZA and the Wu Tang Clan don’t need to claim genius because they simply are. One of them is even named the Genius. Back in 93 when the W beacon lit up the sky for the first time with “Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)” this was apparent.

Since then the Wu has collectively and individually become the most interesting act in hip hop history. The finest elements of the Wu Tang were introduced within the first 30 seconds of 36 Chambers; Kung Fu narrator opening, RZA’s sparse beat/”Bring tha muthafuckin’ Ruckus” chant and Ghostface kicking off the first verse in Wu history.

Here’s a random video of shit RZA was watching while stoned and making 36 Chambers:

“Early on, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and I used to watch kung fu movies, leave the theater, do some kung fu fighting, get on the train, keep fighting, and then run into MCs and musically battle them like it was a kung fu fight. That was my weekend habit.

When we could afford VCRs, we got all the kung fu movies we could get our hands on and watched three or four a day. We were smoking blunts, drinking beer, watching movies, making demo tapes. To this day, at least four times a week, a kung fu flick is in my DVD player. And I’m still DJing, making beats, making songs, and fucking with kung fu movies. I’m still the same kid when it comes to those things.”

It’s no wonder to me why RZA and Ghostface maintain the highest profile of all the Clan. Together they are the most basic and combustible ingredients of Wu stew. The cinema and the charisma. RZA’s beats and Ghost’s lyrics are the foundations of a world parallel to ours where all the same gritty shit goes down but in it’s own language. You have to appreciate that. RZA had it all planned out.

Lately, RZA has been hitting the hip hop ninja sauce full on. He’s on some drunken fist style and good thing too, because his latest LP “Digi Snax” is set to drop June 24th. Check out the video for the new single “You Can’t Stop Me Now”. I’m all wrapped up in some RZA Kill Bill shit.

“Scientific, my hand kissed it/ Robotic let’s think optimistic/You probably missed it, watch me dolly dick it”

I think only Tony Starks himself knows exactly what that means, but the swagger is there. Whenever he spits I’m in Shaolin riding with him and some dudes whose names I didn’t catch and we’re doing anything from robbing stash houses to frying up chicken and drinking Heineken. We’re wearing Clarks for sure.

Let him tell you how you do it right:

Anyway all I’m saying is that Kanye is weak and that people need to recognize the effortless genius of a pack of guys from Staten Island. Go buy some Ghostface records. Go buy some Bobby Digital records.



N’ah mean? Peace to the gods.


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Random video? What is you sippin’? Those two flicks are “Shaolin vs Wu Tang” and “36th Chamber of Shaolin Temple.” Both directed by Lau Kar-Leung, both starring my main man Gordon Liu, and both are absolute classics that are off the chain like a runaway slave. Say word, son.

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was that a joke?

Comment by yesornodc

What’s a ttj?

Comment by thatjasonguy

wait…i was drunk

Comment by yesornodc

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this post / these guys / this heineken made me cry. inspired.

Comment by busyb

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