YES: “Remixing” Subway Posters by Jason Powell
June 4, 2008, 2:36 pm
Filed under: Film, Humor

Box office history, the cast, and the trailer for M. Night Shamalamadindong’s new lame plot twist film The Happening all suggest that this is going to be his biggest critical and commercial flop yet. The photo above does absolutely nothing to support that hypothesis, but it does make me laugh. A lot.

BONUS: Watch the trailer and then post your guess for the “wildly unexpected ending” in the comments. Winner gets to brag to all their friends that they read about movies on blogs.


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Shamu says no plot twist this time around. I went spoiler fishing just to confirm, however, and I happened find out what instigates “The Happening”… Boy oh boy is it lame as fuck.

If the people before “Crystal Skull” were laughing that hard at the trailer, I can’t imagine how hard they’re gonna be laughing at the reveal…..

Comment by kyletm

“I can’t imagine how hard they’re gonna be laughing at the reveal…..”

Neither can I. But then again, if a lame M. Night Rider plot device unspools in an empty movie theater, does it still make a sound?

Comment by thatjasonguy

Hoo boy, I just did a little googling of my own and you weren’t kidding. Sweet Christ, that is one clunker of an idea. Did you know Sha-na-na wrote the screenplay for Stuart Little? Maybe he could do a kids’ movie again… but with a twist!

Comment by thatjasonguy

Avatar sees dead people.

Comment by kyletm


I heard there’s terrorists?

Comment by btfaust

Oh, it’s worse than that…

Comment by thatjasonguy

Everyone dies at the end. DUH!!

Comment by jonatron

PS environmentalism/terrorism something? Sustainability?

Comment by jonatron

You’re getting warmer, but it’s not nearly lame enough. Think more along these lines:

Comment by thatjasonguy

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