June 10, 2008, 8:08 pm
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For those of you who don’t know or care the UEFA EURO 2008 got underway this week and so far it’s been pretty slamming, with impressive showings from Gemany, Holland and Spain. However, there are things about major soccer/football tournaments that will never impress. I’m talking about shitty theme songs. This year’s EURO 2008 theme comes straight from the mouth of Mr. Boombastic himself: Shaggy. I can’t speak for all of the YESORNO staff, but I’ve never been pumped on the man or seen him live at the Kennedy Center. That being said I must hate on this song and showcase a few more baller jamz.

First of all, Shaggy is a creeper. As for the rest of this summer bummer of a clip, what the hell are these awful cartoon Swiss/Austrian freaks doing walking around the slums of Jamaica? What does that have to do with the Euros? I highly doubt that they wouldn’t get shanked by any of the people featured in the video (Shags excluded) if they were caught doing their tourist thing on the beach. Jamaica isn’t too keen on “batty boys” I’ve heard. I’m looking at you Buju Banton.

Ok here it is. Feel the rush. No, really. It’s called “Feel The Rush”.

Oh. Well to be honest, I didn’t really watch all the video when I made this post. I see now that “Trix” und “Flix” the two freaky mascots take a private jet with Shaggy (don’t ask don’t tell) to the EURO where they perform a bunch of shitty break dancing moves (even for cartoons) and sing their shitty song. BLAH.

England failed to qualify this year for the EURO 2008, which is not only terribly embarrassing but also has deprived us of an opportunity to have a better theme song for the tournament. Just imagine what we could of gotten out of some weird NME band stepping up to fill New Order’s shoes and providing us with a rabble rouser like this gem from the ’90 World Cup.

Here is one more EURO song that you shouldn’t check out more than thirty seconds of:

Ole, Ole by DJ BOBO

Let’s raise the standard, Europe.


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The Kennedy Center is classy.

Comment by rachels

i feel like “the cup of life” really captured a moment in time

Comment by kyletm

[…] from unfortunate theme songs and awful mascots EURO 2008 has incredibly lived up to the hype of a major tournament. Tonight we […]


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