News Minute: Will Clinton supporters drink an Obama-tini? by rachels
June 10, 2008, 8:05 am
Filed under: FEATURES, Media, Politics

Call me ill-informed, but it was not until I read last week’s New Yorker’s “The Talk of the Town” that I realized how hard the Obama campaign is going to have to work for the hearts and minds and wallets of Clinton supporters. To me, the transition seems natural, after all the two follow nearly identical domestic policy plans, foreign policy was a give and take, and Obama won the primary race fair and square. What’s missing now, however, is the question of the “Obama-tini.”

New Yorker writer Lizzie Widdicombe surveyed a meeting of the steering committee for Generation Obama in Manhattan where young professionals were brainstorming summer fundraising events, including an “Obama gallery tour, a beach party (‘We did nothing in the Hamptons last year. I’m just throwing that out there,’)” and the cringe-inducing “Obama-tinis.” When thinking of ways to attract young professionals in the finance world one member recommends: “I think it’s good to say ‘fire pit’ in the e-mail.”

There’s no need for Widdicombe to comment on the ethnicity or class of the Generation Obama steering committee, I think the Obama-tini says it all. Of course, the “Hillary-tini” would never fly—too sexist, too elitist, too trendy. This doesn’t mean Clinton was the better candidate, or that Obama didn’t deserve to win the nomination, but it does mean the Obama camp will have to work a little harder to win over Clinton supporters than I, and maybe even the more informed, previously thought.


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