June 10, 2008, 4:35 pm
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So did anyone else catch Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired last night on HBO? If you didn’t, you should On Demand it, because it was an effing doozy. I’m no great Roman fan– I pretty much dig the flicks that everyone else digs–but if this doc was compelling enough to park the traditionally Lolita-shy MNJONES on the couch for an hour forty-five, it’s compelling enough for you. (Compelling enough, at the very least, to stir shit up with the LA superior court this very morning, but be forewarned: spoiler ahead!) In any event, I’m pretty much sold on HBO’s summer ’08 doc series; with HIMYM gone again, I could find worse things to do than spend my Monday nights with the Ganja Queen (6/30) or the class of Hard Times at Douglass High (6/23).

I could, for instance, be watching the fourth season of Weeds instead. After the awkwardly prescient forest fire of the season three finale left Agrestic (and apparently its “Little Boxes”) behind, looks like Nancy heads down Mehico way for round four. Says showrunner Jenji Kohan in EW: ”It’s an election year, and we really wanted to deal with issues like immigration, drug trafficking, and culture clash. Moving south and going to Mexico just puts us in the eye of the storm.” Too bad Ugly Betty (kind of) got there first. I’m wary of whether or not Weeds’ flaming deus ex machina can jump-start the series after its flagging third season, especially with a new bid to political relevancy; did Andy’s almost-Iraq subplot really work? The ep where Shane went up against the ultra-conservative summer camp definitely did. Only time will tell (next Monday, Showtime), but for those seeking something a bit more consistent from HBO, Jr., try the stellar second season of This American Life on for size.

In the meantime, I’ll be busying myself with Swingtown. My expectations sufficiently lowered, I actually thought 1.1 was pretty decent. What weirder way to fill the void left by Lost than The Wonder Years with group fucking? I mean sure, it’s as shallow as a wading pool, but it’s summer TV, for Christ’s sake! And it’s got resident Deadwood hottie Alma Garret dropping qualudes and getting frisky with an airline pilot… on CBS! Win-win, folks.


-Hey, look! The NY Times loves Coach Taylor as much as we do. Further, do you think anyone in that FNL to DTV to NBC meeting mentioned the word “torrent” at any point?

-Hey, look! The NY Times also loves the people who love cylons (and vice versa) as much as we do. Know what we don’t love? The fact that the mid-season finale is nigh… Maybe JONATRON, MNJONES, and RACHELS can join me for a bit of group discussion next week. Until then…


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This was an excellent documentary!

Comment by Jonas Sulk

Ugh, Weeds…

Comment by rachels

I stayed up way past my bedtime and was totally immersed. That judge was a real character.

Comment by kscheer

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ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED is coming to AFI Silver, it opens July 18 and will play for 3-4 weeks at least. (A little birdie told me.)

If you guys want to make a group outing of it, I can supply the popcorn and soda. One of you needs to bring the quaaludes and underage girls.

Comment by juliethehut

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