YES: Hometown Boy Makes Good by Jason Powell
June 10, 2008, 8:54 am
Filed under: Music

I don’t read Pitchfork, so maybe this is old news, but I just wanted to make sure that everybody (and by everybody I mean zzvvhh and busyb) knows that Wale’s new mixtape is available for free over here. It looks like DC may finally get on the hip hop map with this kid, who so far sounds like he’s far from a one hit wonder (Tabi who?). It’s not really a concept album, but he has strung together about a half dozen or so Seinfeld samples, including a sick reworking of the show’s opening theme. He even drops an audio clip of Michael Richards’ famous comedy club meltdown, but he uses it not to launch into a tirade against Kramer but rather to explore the deeper meaning of the n-bomb. Anyway, it’s not all deep, though. Dude has plenty of ass-shakers, and no one’s flowed this good over go go music since Salt n’ Pepa. But the main reason you should get this is to hear the voicemail message Julia Louis-Dreyfus left Wale. Seriously.

UPDATE: Here’s some ping-ified love for my homie kyletm, who reported on this at the time upcoming mix way back in March. (Hey, I read EW too!)


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I’ve only gotten through the first song – but I think we may have that DC product we’ve been waiting for for oh so long. I think I read an article about this dude like a year or so ago asserting that he would be the guy to put DC hip hop on the map – keep your eyes crossed!

Comment by T.Really

damn tjg, where’s my pingback at?

Comment by kyletm

Whoops, when I said I don’t read Pitchfork, I guess I forgot to mention I don’t read my own blog. I do, but I guess my reading retention skills are not what they used to be. Fear not, ktm, I’m about to ping you so hard it’ll make your head swim.

Comment by thatjasonguy

nigga i’m nas, niggas is pras, fine fuk it done fin. genious.
vrooooooooooooom A+

Comment by busyb

seriously though, bmore club slam is hot. watch out.
nobody’s rhymed so well about nothing since DOOM.

Comment by busyb

“An’ I ain’t sayin’ that I’m Nasir
I’m just sayin’ rap’s dead when I’m not here.”

He fakes with a humble, then dunks the braggadocio.

Comment by thatjasonguy

“Yeah. I know, I thought it was supposed to be about peace signs, things like that, you know…”

Comment by busyb

I feel obligated to point out the “Wale Ovechkin” which he drops a couple times throughout the mix tape. Certainly one of few rappers mentioning Hockey players in their rhymes.

Comment by T.Really

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