NO: I have a crush on 90s Dad by rachels
June 11, 2008, 3:17 pm
Filed under: TV

I know am late to the game, and haven’t watched an episode sober yet, but here I am writing about Gossip Girl all the same. I could go on about obvious OC rip-offs, lame Brooklyn refs, ugly clothes, etc, etc, but instead I’ll focus all my energy on Matthew Settle aka Rufus Humphrey.

GG is pretty lame, but Rufus Humphrey is 90s Dad and I definitely have a crush on him. Leather string choker, black v-necks, both sensitive and oblivious, shaggy hair, and mid-90s rock success…what’s not to love? Not to mention the OC Sandy/Jimmy rip-off combo (“Bagels, waffles, whatever!”).

Rufus is 1000000x more attractive than his gap-toothed son, Dan. The on-screen chemistry between GG stars Dan and Serena is a big fat zero, which is why their dating in real life is astonishing. The on-screen chemistry between Rufus and Lily van der Woodsen (Serena’s mom), however, is totally on! Does it show my age when I’m into the “middle aged” romances and get freaked out when I learn some GG characters are 14 YEARS OLD?!

Anyway, I’m only on episode 5, but all I really have to say so far about this show is more 90s dad, less 00s son.


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