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June 12, 2008, 5:08 pm
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Judging by the heat, one could say Summer has arrived. Really, it started May 2nd when Iron Man was released (And he’s back this weekend). We’re in the thick of it now with Indy having arrived and left its depressing mark on our collective consciousness. That was a hard one to digest but some lovely soul out there has offered some Pepto in the form of the Frank Darabont script that George Lucas famously rejected despite the approval of Spielberg and Ford.

For those who don’t know, Darabont wrote and directed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. He also wrote several episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. You’d think he would be qualified. Find out for yourself here, before it gets taken down. For those who don’t feel like reading it there is a review over at G4tv. Here’s an excerpt:

“This script is awesome in exactly the places that Crystal Skull was lame. Just those few flips in the sequence removed all of the punch from this really excellent, well thought out, super exciting script, and rendered it vacuous and boring. In other words, Spielberg and Lucas chose the right story, but they neutered it to focus on the wrong things.”

“What’s not in the script? Well, Shia LaBoeuf’s character, Mutt, for one thing.”

Speaking of which, you can watch this video to help relieve any remaining bitterness over this whole Crystal Skull madness.

It’s been a tough summer so far and this weekend won’t help, either. The Happening and The Hulk are both coming out and oh let’s just think about The Dark Knight. Another month remains but there is still plenty out there to look at. There is even this video on the use of IMAX:

I love IMAX and 70mm. It is rarely used anymore and I would guess the last film to use any of it was a candidate for my favorite film of this decade The New World. The last film to be fully shot in 70mm was Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. Suffice it to say, after watching this Batman IMAX clip I spent what must have been an hour of my night on this website devoted to 70mm. For perhaps the best summer movie going experience I highly suggest making it out to the AFI Silver in August for their 70mm projection of Lawrence of Arabia. Granted, it’s not Heath Ledger dying but Peter O’Toole was quite a drunk…


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Man, I thought you were going to write about Wall-E…How misleading.

Comment by rachels

obviously i second all those 70mm emotions

Comment by kyletm

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