June 13, 2008, 12:52 pm
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“I wanted to win everything. Maybe next year the Stanley Cup,” said Alex Ovechkin. Thanks buddy, you stole my title for this feature. On the other hand, without you there would be no feature – so we’ll call it even.

Last night, our very own Alex Ovechkin took home those four shiny pieces of hardware pictured above. Ovie’s phenomenal season was rewarded with 4 NHL Trophies, making him the first NHL player in history to receive all four of the Hart, Pearson, Art Ross, and Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophies (awarded for League MVP, most outstanding player voted by peer players, most regular season points – 112, and most regular season goals – 65, respectively).

There was little doubt towards the end of the season that Alex would receive the Ross and Richard trophies, because the numbers spoke for themselves. I am glad though that Alex was able to cap off his fantastic season with this milestone. As if this weren’t all enough, apparently Ovechkin will be awarded a key to the city from Mayor Adrian Fenty this afternoon. I normally wouldn’t approve of giving away the keys to our Nations Capitol to Russian immigrants, but I would have to make an exception in this case.

Some perspective:

-No DC Hockey player has ever won any of the four trophies Alex won last night. (Peter Bondra scored the most goals in the NHL as a Capital in ’94-’95 and in ’97-’98 but this was before the Trophy existed)
-No Player has ever won all four trophies in one year.
-The last DC athlete MVP we had was Joe Theismann in 1983 (sorry, that is excluding MLS awards..)
-Alex is 22 years old.
-His contract, signed in January of this year, is for 13 years. That means he’s under contract to be in DC until the 2020’s…

** Also, I can’t forget to mention that the Capital’s Bruce Boudreau won Coach of the Year – after he got promoted from the minors mid way through the season and turned one of the worst teams in the league into serious contenders!


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