No: Possible Early Release for Susan Atkins by mnjones
June 13, 2008, 2:50 pm
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No, I don’t see why Susan Atkins should EVER get out of her sentence early. Compassionate release? It’s not like the Tate murders were “compassionate.”


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She should not receive one second of compassion as she did not give any to Sharon Tate and the others she murdered. In fact, they should withhold any morphine, pain meds from her so she can suffer as did Sharon Tate, the unborn baby and others that were brutally stabbed by this monster.

Comment by Tr

Susan Atkins should not be released from prison until all of her victims are released. THAT WOULD MEAN NEVER.

Comment by KC

I might be more sympathetic if the victims had been given a “compassionate release” from their dying, but they were slaughtered like animals. These folks should have gotten the death penalty, but never did – let her rot…

Comment by P Butwin

They were sentenced to the death penalty, but California outlawed it before any of them were executed.

Comment by mnjones

OMG – who cares if Sharon Atkins is dying? We all die eventually….some sooner then others (Sharon Tate). Why does she think she deservs to leave prison to be able to die with dignity at home?

Comment by Jackie

Jeez, look at the hit count spike whenever we post about a newsworthy/controversial subject. Maybe I should’ve written a post about the Edison Chen/ HK starlets sex photo scandal after all…

Comment by thatjasonguy

are you kidding me? that’s what the judge should say!!! I can’t believe the system is even thinking about letting her out..this is ridiculous and shameful…what about the victims?
“Look, bitch, you might as well face it right now, you’re going to die, and I don’t feel a thing behind it” those were Atkins last words to Sharon..well guess what?? now it’s our turn to say this to Atkins’ face..

Comment by jen

I say NO. Plain and simple, she is asking for a “compassionate release.” Was she compassionate to Sharon Tate when she pleaded for her life and the life of her unborn child?” The answer was NO she was not compassionate! How dare her…Karma is a good thing!

Comment by tina

Why is this even being considered? The fact that she thinks she should be given a “compassionate release” totally disgusts me. Did she show compassion for her victims? NO. LET HER ROT IN PRISON!

Comment by earthangel432001

No. While its hard not to judge someone who has commited such a crime, I do not believe she should get less of a sentence on the matter. I do not even know why they would concider it. If it was her asking for the compassionate release, it is mighty bold of her to think she deserves it.

Comment by someone~

Susan killed and deserves no mercery why should we grant that
She was a part of killing a pregnant woman for that she should burn but too bad she has a brain tumor she could have rotted in jail a few more years and not died so quickly!
Drugs and studidity don’t absolve you od the crime. You knew right from wrong and you chose wrong.
Sorry you have involved the media in your attempt to get out of jail
but know this you will never escape judgement for what you did.

Comment by Aileen

She has already received compassion in the form of being allowed to live out her natural life, which is more than she allowed the little baby of Sharon Tate, or any of her other victims. If she is allowed her freedom, then this world is truly messed up.

Comment by Kathy

Let her rot for obvious reasons. No release. I can’t believe they would even consider this.

Comment by cv

Is this some sort of April’s Fool Day joke that was delayed?
People have died for less in prison and SOME have died and they were not even guilty of the crime they were imprisoned for..and this bloody murderer may be granted compassionate release??? Then go ahead and release more rapist and serial killers out of compassion.

Comment by DeeCee

NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Should “Sexie Sadie” be let out. Bury her on the prison grounds when she dies. She does not belong anywhere in the freedom we call life, just like she did to that poor baby so close to having life. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

Comment by PEROQUE

So she wants out of prison…..the people in Hell want ice water too. She should stay in prison until she dies, and then she can go join the others in their quest for ice water. ROT IN HELL!

Comment by Flyer

Atkins should be shown the same kind of compassion she showed her victims. I don’t care how long ago her crimes were committed, she will be evil until the instant she dies.

Comment by F Rogers

Absolutely, in no way should she be released, for any reason. The only consideration of releasing her that should be taken into account is that her release would eliminate the burden of the cost of her medical care from the taxpayer. I am willingly pay the tax burden of her medical care to keep her confined to prison for the rest of her natural life. She was originally sentenced to death, now that sentence is being carried out by God, so be it. I find it ironic that in recent pictures of her, you can see an obvious growth on her forehead, centered around the place where she once scarred a cross into her head during her trial. I think God is trying to make a statement with that. I think those who control her release should listen.

I am not without compassion for my fellow man, but in all honesty, it will make no difference in her life where she spends her last days, but it sends a clear message that committing such uncompassionate crimes, results in uncompassionate consideration for the offender for the rest of their lives without question

Her belief in God is all she needs to bring her comfort in her last days. She doesn’t need to be released. Compassion is shown to her by the mere fact she has medical services provided to her and pain medication to ease her pain. That is far more than she provided her victims and the family members who survived them. It is far more than she deserves.

Comment by Karen Wheeler

The torture that the victims went through is still the same as when she was sentenced. She is lucky that she has lived as long as she has. She absolutely should not receive any early release.

Comment by K. OBrien

Absolutely NOT!!!
I teach high school. I often hear students laughing at the way their sentences in court are reduced. They think the judicial system is a joke. What message will this send to them? Note that Susan Atkins was arrested for another murder where inmates heard her tell of the Tate murders. She in a monster. Sharon Tate’s baby should be 37 by now. She should serve every minute of her sentence.

Comment by Joy Ross

What part of “Life in Prison” is not understood here? Susan represents evilness. She had a choice and she choose to kill and lets not forget she contemplated cuting out and taking her baby. How can anyone listen to someone beg for there live (and babies) and turn a deaf ear. I hope that the members of “early parole committee” give her the same ear. For all of you that have strong stomachs read the book “Helter Skelter” and see for yourselves what a monster she was, expect not to sleep for a few days.

Comment by sophia castro

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