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June 23, 2008, 9:42 am
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Candace Breitz, whose two-part video installation piece “Mother + Father” is currently on display as part of “The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality and the Moving Image” exhibit at the Hirshhorn, will speak in the museums’ Ring Auditorium this Thursday at 7 p.m.

Breitz (pictured above) lent one of the most provocative and attention-holding pieces to the current exhibit. “Mother + Father” (2005) showcases footage of iconic parental roles in film, 4 each for mother and father, in order to explore parental stereotypes in film and popular culture. Yes, that’s Steve Martin from Father of the Bride.

I have only explored the reported 627 minutes of footage at “Realisms” on Friday’s AfterHours event, so let’s just say I definitely missed a lot. After a few beers and an attempt to navigate the exhibit along with the most people I have seen at a museum in forever, I concluded that these pieces would be much better enjoyed on a solitary, rainy afternoon.

Two other pieces that held my attention long enough to delay finding a bathroom and another beer were:

Corina Schnitt’s “Living a Beautiful Life” (2003) in which she films actors and actresses reading Los Angeles inner city teens’ answers to the question “What is your idea of a beautiful life?”

Omer Fast’s “Godville” (2004), a two-channel video installation which films interviews with period actors from Colonial Willamsburg, both in character and in ‘real life.’ The film cuts back between the two in a uniquely mesmerizing way. This will get you thinking, America: What’s changed? What hasn’t?

Here’s a band playing at AfterHours. It looked cool but I don’t remember who they were or liking them. “The ground looks like water.” That’s right, it is water, and you will get pulled out by a security guard if you try to jump in.


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If it is really, really hot at the folklife festival on Friday, let’s go to the Hirshorn!

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