YES: JOSS WHEDON, NPH, & MAL by kyletm
June 26, 2008, 2:09 pm
Filed under: Celebs, Humor, Internet, TV

Basically no way for this not to be good.

Equally failsafe? After the jump…

I don’t even need to watch this with the sound on to know that it’s good.


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And in other Office related things…why is the automatically generated link to this post about Joss Whedon directing an episode? I don’t know if it’s actually true and I’m too lazy to click on the link.

Comment by rachels

If I’m not mistaken, he actually directed two: the one where there’s a bat in the office and Jim convinces Dwight that he’s a vampire (HA!), and the business school one.

Comment by kyletm

Well, mystery solved.

Comment by rachels

I know we had a random “Buffy Is Gay” post on here a while back, but are there actual Whedonites lurking on YorN? Things just got a lot geekier around here…and I love it.

Comment by thatjasonguy

I stayed up last night rereading issues 2 & 3 of Angel: After The Fall. So yes.

Comment by kyletm

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