July 7, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Every Tuesday of every week until the record industry finally croaks, a ton of shit becomes available to purchase. This week, if you can find a record store, you should be able to cop a bunch of lame schwag ranging from half-assed reissues to Albert Hammond Jr. (Whatever, I’ll check it out). There is one item coming out tomorrow that I most definitely would/will buy, though I’m afraid I won’t feel the narcotic rush of an impulse buy.

In a world where new releases are often questionable at best, I’m gonna play it safe and throw down cash money for Julien Temple’s “The Future Is Unwritten”. It’s a documentary/tribute to Joe Strummer, so it’s safe to say it’ll at the very least be pretty good. It definitely got some pretty impressive, though standard press complete with laurel logos (Cannes, Dublin) and It might just blow my mind, but I doubt it.

I’ve seen every Clash movie or public programming that I’ve come across, including the 25th Anniversary edition of “London Calling” which has about 3 minutes total of footage that was new to me. It’s pretty funny getting to actually see Guy Stevens throw chairs around but it kind of ruins the mystique. Not as bad as when the world was forced to see Britney’s junk, but still kind of “mehhhhhhhh”.

Anyway, what I want to know is how many rock docs are too many? Also, why the fuck does Bono always get to throw in his grandiose two cents? Isn’t saving Africa enough? He can really be a little prat when he wants to be.

There’s a plethora of them out there to choose from; several Bob Dylan joints, Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Velvet Underground (the one I own is the worst piece of shit on earth), Ramones and basically everything late 70’s ever. I guess it comes down to how much you personally love any given artist and searching for that perfect “rock doc/biopic” that portrays them closest to the way they look atop the pedestal in your pathetic fanzine brain. Sometimes, they can even get you to fall in love or back in love with shit you never realized you loved.

This just happened to me rather predictably after watching “Control”. Anton Corbijn made it look so hot that I love Joy Division now instead of just heavily liking some of what they did. It happened to me a few years earlier with “DIG” featuring incredibly detailed footage of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Good music films invest you in the band, so you have the right emotional context to blather on about why “you’re so into this shit right now”.

That being said, I’d like to open up the board to suggestions of movies I should check out that will cause me to buy entire discographies. But please, just the sure things.


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Hooray! I’m a sucker for rock docs/rockumentaries (and documentaries in general–even uh um, Ken Burns yes!) and I probably cry at all of them.
A few of my favorite rockumentaries (films with a time line/plot, vs. straight up concert footage). I’m guessing you’ve seen some already:

Minutemen: We Jam Econo (saw this in DC w/ Jason, ‘member?)
Fugazi: Instrument (surely you’ve all studied up on your local music history!)
X: The Unheard Music (recently(ish) released on DVD)
The Who: Amazing Journey (i don’t understand why more young folks aren’t jocking The Who, this is a new release 2007)
Roky Erickson: You’re Gonna Miss Me (and if you DIG! (Anton!) the crazies then you’ll love The Devil & Daniel Johnston too!)
Guided By Voices: Watch Me Jumpstart (this one’s just okay, but good luck trying to collect the entire Bob Pollard discography!)
Pixies (2004): More fun with Bono!

sorry to be so prolific…

Comment by steadyb

[…] to him by campfire brought to mind another extraordinary musician, Joe Strummer. As mentioned in YESorNO DC recently, the documentary detailing Joe’s life as a solo and collaborative musician is […]

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