DC – Drama City : a Spoonful of Sugar by mnjones
July 9, 2008, 10:04 pm
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dc drama

dc drama

DC theatres like to keep it on the DL in the summer. It’s hot, it’s humid, and tourists aren’t usually bustling from the Smithsonian over to Studio Theatre. And before you go there, let’s not revisit the concept of DC’s “Fringe” Festival.

The DC theatre scene has a tough row to hoe. A certain incident basically ruined the entertainment/escapism angle long ago; and just when politicians were no longer terrified of being shot out of their box seats, movies came along and reminded people what real fun looks like. This is not a city that lends itself to amazing theatre; we don’t have the audience and we don’t draw the talent.

That’s why we citizens ponce upon those diamonds in the rough (Folger’s Macbeth, Synetic’s silent Hamlet, Studio’s History Boys). And I’m already preparing to pounce on The Wire regular Delaney Williams (Sgt. Landsman) when he appears at FSL in the lead role of their season opening Henry IV Part 1. That’s just how I like my theatre – straight up with a shot of television celebrity.


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