NO: Capitol Hills by rachels
July 14, 2008, 9:19 am
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As previously reported, a Washington, D.C.-based version of MTV reality show The Hills is moving on up from blatant-lie-gossip to just-might-happen rumor.

PB&J Television (which brought you such fine programming as TLC’s Extreme Weddings and Outrageous Proposals) is reportedly ready to start filming, thanks to offers from networks (most likely MTV, Bravo, and the CW) and the casting released Friday.

The four blond socialites who will be representing D.C. don’t look that much different from the girls of Laguna, but one’s last name is Kennedy.

Late Night Shots helped with the casting of: Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson (and little sister Alexa), and Sophie Pyle. Be prepared for film crews clogging up Georgetown sidewalks. Gross, but I’ll be watching.

More at: Yeas & Nays

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“The four blond socialites who will be representing D.C.”
Speaks volumes.

Comment by thatjasonguy

Sophie is brunette, and Katherine is not a real Kennedy.

Comment by ms

Does brunette Sophie like to google herself?

Comment by yesornodc

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