YES or NO: It’s Always Sunny in FX FX FX by rachels
July 16, 2008, 11:23 pm
Filed under: TV

Since Goldenfiddle just blogged about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia it is not too late for us to talk about our feelings on a show that we just started watching 3 years in. OK here it goes:

What the fuck? Is this a complete rip-off of Curb or is it OK? Is it funny because there is shaky-cam? Or is there shaky-cam because it is funny? Is it endearing when Danny DeVito wears a toupee and is self-deprecating? Or a little sad? Etc.


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You’re crazy if you don’t like this show. While the show definitely has a lot of Seinfeld influences, I don’t remember any of the characters on seinfeld ever:
1. Huffing Spray Paint
2. Getting Drunk
3. Writing Hit songs like “night man” or “day man”.

No contest. Excellent Television show.

Comment by T.Really

I dunno, Curb is pretty out there, but Sunny just feels like it’s trying too hard. I’m glad you have a solid opinion on the show, though, I’m afraid that is something I will never have.

Comment by rachels

NO: Your post about the greatest show on TV.

Comment by Bizzle Boy

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