NO: Murky Blows Up by yesornodc
July 17, 2008, 8:39 am
Filed under: Food, Going Out

Murky Coffee has blown up on the blogosphere thanks to an argument over iced espresso and some choice words (“punch you in your dick” vs. “the only way I’m ever coming back to Murky Coffee in Arlington is if I’m carrying matches and a can of kerosene”).

All I really know is that 15,000 hits on the Murky Web site means more crowds, less a/c-per-customer and more lap-tops taking up hours and hours of table space…

Thank you angry guy from New York, and Washington Post.

In defense of his barista, Murky owner Nicholas Cho wrote a letter to the public and posted it in on the Murky Web site. Although Cho is right in saying that blogs exacerbate real life situations by being snarky and using personal attacks I cannot resist the urge to copy/paste another quote:

“When a homeless person asks me for money when I’m walking down the street, I look them in the eye and say, ‘Sorry, but no.’ rather than just walking by and ignoring them.”


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“Whew, decaf anyone?” – Washington Post…

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