NO: MORE STAR WARS by zzvvhh
July 23, 2008, 12:13 pm
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So the new (yawn) animated (weren’t they all?) Star Wars movie “The Clone Wars” is coming out August 15th. If the animated Anakin is a better actor than Hayden Christensen, then I say he get the chance to star in some other feature films. What about animated Anakin in “Factory Girl” as Bob Dylan?


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Can we create a CGI George Lucas that has some original ideas left in his skull? The Lucas we’re currently stuck with wants to drag out all six Star Wars films back into the multiplex again, only this time… wait for it… in 3-D! Wait, why isn;t everyone gasping with excitement? Oh, right. Because that’s lame.

Comment by thatjasonguy

Dude. I love 3-D.

Comment by btfaust

Not to say that I sanction messing with the originals. I mean, I own the laserdiscs…

Comment by btfaust

so Lucas finally got to make (or a least approve of) a whole Star Wars movie after his love for CGI… looks fun though

Comment by media boy

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