No: Cuil Yes: Awkward by mnjones
July 28, 2008, 1:57 pm
Filed under: Internet

So, I’m not a fan of Cuil. I’ll admit that I’m not one for change, but after fifteen minutes of needless tooling around I’m still not sold on their search results layout. Besides, there’s nothing about me on Cuil when I enter my name, but every damn thing kyletm ever wrote appears with a nifty picture. Where’s the justice?

I AM a fan of the fact that not five minutes ago 4 of the most searched terms on Google involved Cuil. AWKWARD.


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My first five searches yielded zero results. That’s right, zero. They weren’t exactly the most obscure terms in the world, either. Some search engine.

Comment by thatjasonguy

According to their info they’re about “knowledge.” I don’t come online looking for knowledge, I’m looking for trivial facts and pictures of celebrities that aren’t airbrushed.

Comment by mnjones

I wasn’t impressed either.

Comment by Will

it won’t load for me…

Comment by rachels

[…] goes beyond my fear of change, and right to the heart of poor design. I LOATHE the new facebook layout. Why the hell would I want […]

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