July 30, 2008, 11:54 am
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DC showed it’s true blue and brown boring colors once again last night at the god-forsaken Red and Black, when literally no one showed up for the Black Diamond Heavies. It was a downright travesty of a show, which is never a surprise if you unfortunately have to find yourself at DC9, Red and Black or Rock N Roll Hotel.

I guess most people were either choosing irony at 930 Club or at Black Cat seeing Extra Golden which is the only excuse I’ll except here.

Fortunately I was one of the chosen three people not with bands who witnessed the Black Diamond Heavies bring it harder than I’ve seen live in ages. Despite getting some local love last time they were in town, I was forced to buy some drinks from the bar and try to yell for twenty people in between songs. Repent for missing the gospel and go check them out immediately.


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That’s insane. BDH are the best two piece out there touring today!

Comment by chris

Black Diamond Heavies are gonna rock my place of employment tomorrow! Glad to hear your report on rockin’ out, ballz out!
And yeah–we have that problem with a lack of crowd support. And since last call is 4am in my hood people don’t get to the show until midnight which royally sucks if you’re an opener.

Comment by steadyb

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