August 5, 2008, 10:23 am
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Many of you may have noticed in this morning’s express that US Olympic Star Michael Phelps (left) is sporting a ridiculous mustache. Apparently not only does he plan on beating Mark Spitz (right) in the “how many medals can you win in one olympics” department, but he’s also going after the “sweetest mustache worn while winning lots of olympic gold medals” award. While we’ll have to leave it up to the olympic judges to determine the former, the latter I will leave up to you all in the YoN community. Who wins the Best Mustached American Olympic Swim-God Award?

Phelpstache VS. Spitztache,
Ironic 2008 VS. Serious 1972,
who wins?

(PS. Phelps hails from our lovely neighbor city of Baltimore)


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Spitz, easily. Phelps looks like a jack-ass.

Comment by Bizzle Boy

Phelps’ is all chin hair. Spitz’s is all man.
Spitz wins.

Comment by Dilldrup Dan

Wow, Phelps isn’t working with much, hair-wise. At best, I’d call that a handlebar molestache. Bronze medal, dude.

Comment by thatjasonguy

I agree with everyone with sense–Spitz’s stache rocks Phelps.

Comment by Will Sommer

Wouldn’t the stache slow you down? I thought these people were supposed to be hairless.

Comment by btfaust

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