Yes: Rachel Loves Goldblum by btfaust
September 24, 2008, 2:25 pm
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August 9, 2008, 5:06 am
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Well, we just got through the spectacle that was the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and we already have, (as I suspected) our first bummer story. Apparently a Chinese man attacked two American tourists at the Drum Tower in Beijing and managed to kill one of them. He then threw himself from the building and died. No medals. Just shitty news.

Anyone else wanna place a bet one what the next controversial story/tragedy will be?

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YES: Animated GIFs by Jason Powell
August 8, 2008, 1:15 pm
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Okay, for some reason animated GIFs don’t work on the fron page of this site (what up, WordPress?!?), but click the image above to witness the glory that is Frank Dux and Chong Li rocking the house in a scene that somehow didn’t make it into the final version of The Greatest Story Ever Told.

No, again: These Olympics by btfaust
July 28, 2008, 7:54 pm
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Alright, seriously now, this is F-ed.


Also, cool umbrella.



July 7, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Every Tuesday of every week until the record industry finally croaks, a ton of shit becomes available to purchase. This week, if you can find a record store, you should be able to cop a bunch of lame schwag ranging from half-assed reissues to Albert Hammond Jr. (Whatever, I’ll check it out). There is one item coming out tomorrow that I most definitely would/will buy, though I’m afraid I won’t feel the narcotic rush of an impulse buy.

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YES: Johnnie To Retrospective by Jason Powell
July 4, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Hong Kong cinema has been hit hard in the past decade, as A-list directors such as John Woo (Hard Boiled), Tsui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China), Wong Kar-wai (2046) and the Pang Brothers (The Eye) have all been lured by the siren song of the Hollywood machine, with—to put it kindly—mixed results. Thankfully, director Johnnie To is holding down the fort. To is not only prolific, directing several major films each year, but he consistently cranks out intelligent, entertaining movies in a wide range of genres, from triad shoot-’em-ups (The Mission) and gritty police procedurals (PTU) to quirky romcoms (Love on a Diet), sci-fi epics (the Heroic Trio films), and films that combine several genres or defy categorization altogether. An industry veteran, To has been getting some long-overdue recognition on the international festival circuit with nominations in Cannes and Berlin of late, and the AFI’s “Johnnie To: Action Auteur” series is a great way to get acquainted with his work. The retrospective focuses mainly on To’s crime-based films, but even the series opener, 2007’s cop thriller Mad Detective, serves as a perfect example of his genre-bending sensibilities. Lau Ching-wan, one of To’s stable of recurring actors, stars as Inspector Bun, a psychologically damaged man who employs a bizarre combination of deductive reasoning, ESP, and highly erratic, borderline schizophrenic behavior to solve crimes. It’s a wild ride and a testament not only to To’s originality but to the unique spirit that put To and his fellow Hong Kong directors on the map in the first place. The series runs to Monday, Aug. 18, at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center; see their calendar for a complete schedule.

[Thanks to the AFI for correcting the spelling of To’s English first name on their web site, after I pitched an email fit when they misspelled it in there and in their publication. I forgive you…mostly.]

June 30, 2008, 1:04 pm
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Jay-Z recently stepped out onto the Glastonbury stage with a guitar for no reason to cover the Oasis classic “Wonderwall” to open up his set. He walked out and half assed fake strumming for a bit during the intro before he proceeded to belt out sub par karaoke vocals. I’ve got 99 Problems and this shit is one.

Self proclaimed heir to “the best rapper alive” crown, Lil’ Wayne is also guilty of misusing a guitar and being a rapper. From the “Leather So Soft” video to busting it out live, whenever Weezy F. Baby puts on a guitar I feel so backwards that I could make out Birdman Baby Sr. too.

Here’s by far the best video. This is also a good PSA for getting too high and thinking shit sounds good: